The power to’s life changing




Recently I was at a quarterly meeting in San Diego to connect with my business coach Joe Stumpf at “By Referral Only”  Real Estate Marketing University.

Joe asked: “Imagine what life could look like—if you removed/delegated even 1 or 2 of your current irritations & tolerations”. “Imagine what life could look like if you focused more on the “amazing” & ”your happy place”. “If you put the work into these changes—the pay off will be for a life time”. So lets “Imagine together…”

Imagine a couple of your work irritations and tolerations gone. What are the things that could be removed or delegated? One of our clients recently imagined not having to cut the lawn, shovel the snow covered driveway, and clean up after a winter storm...ever again. So they bought a townhouse! (one of my tolerations is the accounting end of our business. Fortunate for me, Marlene enjoys numbers and she took that over—and with that time I am able to work on bettering our team’s plans, systems and campaigns—” “In my happy place”)


Health, fitness & energy - Imagine 1 or 2 of your irritations / tolerations gone. (For me (Larry) - my “Happy place” is following a morning and afternoon daily ritual. By not guarding daily rituals—my toleration is low energy) For a friend of ours—their “happy place” is to imagine a regular work-out routine with a work-out partner or trainer.


Imagine family & relationships - What to do some people tolerate in relationships? Manipulation. Being driven by guilt, other’s 

expectations or always saying “yes” - but for the wrong reasons. (Marlene and I guard our hearts - when it comes to manipulation - we want our home to be our kids’, grandkids’ & friends favourite place to come to - This is our “happy 




Joe asked us to “imagine our finances, our wisdom, growth & mental capacity and our spiritual life”. What would happen if we removed or delegated just 1 or 2 of our irritations and tolerations and spent more time in the “amazing” & “our happy place”




“Put the work into these changes - and the pay off will be for a life time…”




Encouraged or Discouraged? 



Have you ever noticed that when you focus on what is not working in your life, that you feel discouraged? 


When things don’t quite work out the way that I had expected them to or hoped that they would, my negative self talk can easily wreck my peace of mind. I have also found that when I focus on what is working in my life I get this feeling of encouragement. 


As an example:: I (Larry) was told by my doctor this past Spring that I was pre-diabetic. “ARE YOU KIDDING? I’m 6 ‘1” and 155 could that be? I thought diabetes was a weight thing for larger or inactive people?!” 


“No, Larry,” my doctor went on to say, “you have been blessed with it geneti- cally. It’s in your DNA. Your Dad has it.”  So ok, here we go. No pasta, no potatoes, no bread and certainly no dessert.  Even minimal fruit. My inner self talk was screaming, “POOR ME!” and this continued at every dinner over the course of the next week or so. (You need  to know that I LOVE  bread, potatoes and spaghetti.) This was not good news to me...AT ALL. 


I have a few people in my life that encouraged me to go for it and make the change. I have made the decision to eat clean and exercise more and over  the past 6 months I can’t deny that I feel healthier and I’ve even gained some muscle and have lost an inch around my waist. Feeling fit and trim! 


Here is the nugget. We all hit bumps on the road, don’t we? We can have blue days (or really bad hair days), but encouragement can help bring us out of these valleys and dips. We just don’t have to live there. 


So...who are your ‘go to’ people who continuously speak encouragement into your life? Be an encourager and you will be encouraged right back. Try it out for yourself. The gift of encouragement.  We all have it. 

Lessons From The Happiest Bird In The World


A crow living in a forest was absolutely satisfied in life.  Then one day he saw a swan.  “The swan is so graceful and sleek,” he thought.  “He must be the happiest bird in the world.”  He flew over and told the swan about his thoughts.


“Actually,” the swan replied, “I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot with many colours.  Then I realized that the parrot must be the happiest bird in creation.”  The crow spotted a parrot in a tree and flew up to share the swan’s words.


The parrot said, “I thought so too, until I saw a peacock in the zoo with beautiful wings and dazzling colours.  Everyone was admiring his bright blue plumage, and I thought he must be the happiest bird in the world.”  The crow found the zoo and saw dozens of people peering at the peacock’s beautiful colours.  The crow was filled with jealousy.


From above the peacock’s cage, the crow called down, “You are so beautiful.  Every day thousands of people come to see you.  You are so lucky.”  The peacock looked up at the crow.


“Lucky?  I am stuck in this zoo where I cannot fly and people just stare at me.  You can fly wherever you please.  You must be the happiest bird in the world!”


Lessons learned.  It’s so easy to look at the people you meet and think that their lives look so awesome from the outside, or so it seems from an initial encounter or their FaceBook post, etc.  However, get a closer look at their real life, their whole life, and you just may find yourself so thankful for where you are, what you have, your friends, your upbringing, your faith, your family, your kids, your freedoms, or your health.


You have been blessed!


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene