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I have had the same business coach for the past 23 years. Life long learning never gets dull and sometimes is a bit stretching.


On my last weeks connection, the discussion was about “Givens” in life (this is a given/that’s a given) - and so I am learning another life lesson from my real estate coach (that has nothing to do with real estate, but has

everything to do with the way I handle “me”).



Given #1) All things change. There is a beginning and there is an end.

-embrace change - don’t fear it - learn to let go


Given #2) Things don’t always go according to plan.

-my expectations will not always be met - don’t get bent out of shape

-you will not be able to figure out every “what if” in advance


Given #3) Things are not always fair.

-accept that you will win some / and lose some


Given #4) Pain is a part of life - we are not in control.

-many times we short change our self and our life -

because we want to avoid any possible pain (versus gain)


Given #5) People are not loving and loyal - all the time.

-we will hurt and we will heal  

-just remember - you are not loyal and loving all the time either


Given #6) Everything in life is in divine order.

-life is unpredictable - accept/learn/grow


Ok - there is my homework from my coach! And I will confess, I need to embrace and accept each one of these “givens” because sometimes for me - changes, expectations, fairness, pain, people, and accepting the

unpredictable...just mess me up.


How about you?