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Free Buyers Consulting Services 

By hiring me - Marlene (for free) as your Buyer's Specialist, I will provide you with:

  • Our 24 hour Market Watch System - providing daily emails of all the fresh new listings in your price range and location
  • Arrange for private showings of homes in your price range - pointing out great features - as well as the issues 
  • Discuss Agency & client vs customer relationships - who is working for who AND who is working for you.
  • Provide sales of similar homes prior to writing an offer - giving you enough information to make wise pricing decisions
  • Prepare the purchase contract 
  • Offer you expert coaching & negotiating skills - working for you -for the best price and terms possible
  • Provide you with a memorable refreshing World Class Real Estate Experience 

Why Hire a Buyer's Specialist or a Buyer's Agent?

In BC, the Listing Agent works for the seller, which "slants” the entire home buying process.  That’s why we created a team.  Larry works with all the sellers and I (Marlene) help buyers.

When you hire me as your Buyer’s Specialist, you are being represented (just like the seller has an agent representing them).  The best part is there will be no pressure to make a quick decision.  My job is to find a place that you can call home. I want you to be happy, not only with the home you buy, but also with the whole shopping experience.

The great part is that even though it costs thousands to hire a Listing Agent, the cost of hiring a Buyer’s Agent is Free!  All we ask is for your loyalty. 

For a Free Buyer's Consultation call us at 604-859-2341 or fill in the information below.

Free Buyer's Consultation