Lights!  Camera!  Action!  Seller's Strategies

Scene 1: Five Secrets to Staging


Our "Lights!  Camera!  Action!  Strategies" help sellers prepare for showtime.  Did you know that 30 -50 % of the homes that go on the market on MLS fail to sell? (depending if it's a Buyer's Market vs a Seller's Market) What if you could know - what you don't know about selilng your home?  Imagine giving yourself every opportunity to make more money AND have your home sell quicker.  Today’s buyers are viewing an average of between 30 - 50 homes on-line and physically viewing 10-20 homes before making their decision.  That means you will be competing with homes that may have been professionally staged & decorated, that may have no children, no pets and are owned by Mr. and Mrs. Perfection.  Most buyers choose their home purchase based on emotion and then justify the decision with facts.  If you are selling your home within the next 6 months, then what you do right now will determine how long your home will take to sell, how much money you will net, and how easy or difficult the selling experience will be.  Click the video and learn the strategy.