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Celebrating "Defining Life Moments"

So much happened it the past 2 months - that I would consider Defining Life Moments.

December was Marlene’s and my 34th wedding anniversary (choosing a life partner - a defining moment) Then in January  -we celebrated the start of my 37th year in Real Estate (choosing a career - another defining moment ),

Jared’s 28th birthday (having children – another defining moment)  and my 60th birthday (  a defining number. But just a number—I feel like I’m 45)

I was recently reading that life is the sum of “what we do” with the moments given to us. Those moments can be filled with Chasing the Wind, the Clock,  worrying about the past or being Anxious about the future. Or if we look for them – there can be special moments in each day – that can make a difference in us & others.

One defining moment - becoming a realtor 37 years ago, was a decision that radically changed Marlene’s and my life trajectory in so many ways –

especially with meeting and being involved in so many people’s lives.

It's a crazy thought, how that one decision – introduced us to thousands of people, influenced thousands of coaching moments, thousands of cups of coffee & heart to heart talks, phone calls, emails, birthday wishes and friendships +++

Here is a Fun Thought – What is the one defining moment in your life that just blows you away - the life-changing moment that has influenced your life, your friendships, influenced who you are  & who you are becoming?

Just reflecting – and letting you know Marlene and I are so happy we have had the chance share some life moments together with you.

Saying No - To Instant Gratification 

Marlene I and dated for 4 + years and even before we were married – we had started a savings account to buy our first home.

When we had saved decent down payment we started hunting for a place we could call home - bought it  - rented it out  - and moved into it when we got married. 

It was an interesting first few years of married life.  Most of our furniture was “Hand Me Down Stuff”…. The couch, tv, table & chairs. (even our  “water bed” came from one of our siblings - thanks Norma & Hank). At that time we seldom went out for dinner and even a tenting holiday was rare.

When we purchased that home, we had the biggest debt in our life. In our minds, we wanted to get control over that debt – so instead of buying “the stuff “ we chipped away at the mortgage month after month with any savings we had.

Then there came a day, we got our bank statement – and those years of extra payments paid off – the mortgage was over ½ gone! It was an AWESOME surprise and we were sooo happy we didn't buy all the “stuff” !!

It sounds crazy… with today's access to personal loans, 2nd mortgages and credit cards…why wait for the prize – buy what you want now / pay later. Right?

A recent statistic indicated that 60+ % of families have more credit card debt than savings - That instant gratification – a buy now / pay later mentality is becoming more and more a problem = happy credit card companies and unhappy stressed out families.

With Christmas just around the corner – the highest season of credit card debt is upon us.  Remember there are so many awesome gifts that can be given that money can’t buy. Time together, activities & hanging out…. Demonstrating:  love & kindness, forgiveness & appreciation with those special people in our life is the gift…..  Bring on that turkey dinner!!

When the going gets tough - the tough go on holidays

How is your elasticity? I’m talking about your mental capacity when the going gets tough and / or when you are going through some stress filled weeks or months?

My business coach Joe ingrained into my life to take time off regularly and “shut off”. Over the years, both Marlene and I can “feel” when that time is and to do something about it.

How do I create elasticity in my mental capacity? Sometimes it’s as easy as a 15 minute “Cat nap” after lunch for a few days in a row and other times it may be a long weekend away (or at home) doing absolutely nothing. Sometimes it is a good workout or some hard physical labor on the property—but—then there are the holiday times. Periodically sharing that time with friends and family is exactly what is needed and other times it takes a little hibernating to get my head screwed on.

Here is the cool part—When I learnt to listen to my body, and do what is needed, it’s like hitting the reset button.

So here we are. Summer holidays are over - and we have worked that reset button a couple of times and we are ready for Autumn. So, what is Autumn going to be like?

With 36 years of marketing real estate, we have been involved with changing markets many times ( it happens every 8-10 years. Some real estate agents are stressing out and uncertain as they have not experienced a changing market (if they have not been in the business prior to 2007) and some are even leaving the business.

Here is what is exciting for us. Experience show that every time this kind of change takes place—our real estate business grows. We are prepared, we have been there before and we have the marketing campaigns in place to get the job done.

Best wishes

Larry & Marlene

Your friends in the business

Hit The Restart Button - On Your Life

While I was having lunch with a businessman today—we had an interesting conversation about hectic schedules / family issues & mental exhaustion. He had a boat load of stuff on his plate—and his boat was sinking.

We talked about hitting the “RESTART BUTTON”—on life…

I explained that the average business life of a realtor is approx 5 years—because of all the

demands / pressure etc. (that’s if you let the business run you.)

But—if you run the business—and have scheduled times (Time to work in the business—Time to work on the business and time put aside for yourself)—to get your head screwed back on—life will just go better.

This businessman and I talked about regular—time set aside for yourself. Experience shows that when I take time off—No phones—No email—no knowledge of issues (a 1-2 week get away without phone / or computers) its just like hitting the restart button on my life (just like hitting the restart button on your computer.)

When you restart that slow messed up machine (or myself) I find myself working more efficiently—less glitches—less issues in my life—joy and energy is reignited.

So… feeling tired, drained, stressed or just basically messed up? Maybe its time to hit the RESTART button in your life.

It’s the get away with out all the “Stuff” that will refresh you. Your spouse and kids will notice a definite new you—give it a try.

Feel free to call us for some RESTART ideas or if you have any great ideas to share.

Larry & Marlene

Taking Care Of People That Are Important To Us

This year has been another fast paced blurrrrrrrr. Not just for Marlene and I, but for many of our

clients and friends as well.

We have all heard it before…”the craziness of life”. Most of us get so caught up in life that we do not guard ourselves or our hearts from our busy lifestyles and all the problems that occur when we get fried or even burnt out.

Problems? You know… breaking promises, commitments, family times, date nights, no time for play, can’t say no, getting stressed, or even the start of serious bad habits!

“Sorry, I can’t make it home for dinner tonight...Yes, it’s the second time this week”

“I know I promised the kids I would take them to the movies, but this just came up”

“Wow! What a long hard day...I need a drink to calm my nerves”

“I have no time to cook today, I’ll just pick something up at one of the drive-thrus”

“Hockey, judo, gymnastics, skating, swimming, music & singing lessons… the kids need a chauffeur”

In talking with Marlene, Jared & Tianna about what their hearts need to be revived… what makes them come alive. Some thoughts were sunlight, a good movie, bicycle riding, roller-blading, a nice family day or date night, peace, getting along, a feeling of love, a nice dinner, listening to music, a game of cards, reading a good book & hanging out with friends.

I would love just to be involved in the “amazing & fascinating” in all aspects of life—with my friends, family and clients… How about you?

Larry & Marlene

Do You Have a “Strong Why?”

For over 20 years my (Larry) business coach has engrained in me to have a
“Strong Why”. Any change in life and business needs a Strong Why…

What that means is to have a “Burning Passion Reason” to do something, to make something, to change a behavior or even transform . It becomes your deep down motivator.

Here is the real life story—I needed to change…

Just over a year ago the doctor told me to change my eating habits– I was pre diabetic. At 6’1 and 160lbs—it was nothing to do with being overweight...but diabetes was in the family history. So I needed to change my eating habits, and here is what that looks like:

Lots of vegetables, salads & protein, nuts (Paleo Style Eating), no bread or pasta or potatoes, no desserts or

sugary anything (juices, treats, sauces).

After eating this way for over a year, some of my friends were totally amazed—how I just quit eating the stuff I LOVED. They ask—what keeps me on track? Repeating to them what Joe (my coach) said is—I needed to find/ have a “Burning Passion Reason” - “A Strong Why”…

So here is my “Strong Why” that keeps me on track. I have a picture that burns in my memory of a client whose father was diabetic. I remember being with him and their family in Osoyoos boating & water skiing together. And years later I also remember him—having to have both legs amputated and in the end, being at his funeral. That picture is my “Strong Why” that keeps me on track.

So why the story?

Many times people get caught up—they want to change—but don’t know how to change or how to stick with it. To have a “Burning Passion Reason” / “A Strong Why” is one of the “tools” that has worked for me—and I hope it can help you or a friend.

Larry & Marlene

The power to’s life changing




Recently I was at a quarterly meeting in San Diego to connect with my business coach Joe Stumpf at “By Referral Only”  Real Estate Marketing University.

Joe asked: “Imagine what life could look like—if you removed/delegated even 1 or 2 of your current irritations & tolerations”. “Imagine what life could look like if you focused more on the “amazing” & ”your happy place”. “If you put the work into these changes—the pay off will be for a life time”. So lets “Imagine together…”

Imagine a couple of your work irritations and tolerations gone. What are the things that could be removed or delegated? One of our clients recently imagined not having to cut the lawn, shovel the snow covered driveway, and clean up after a winter storm...ever again. So they bought a townhouse! (one of my tolerations is the accounting end of our business. Fortunate for me, Marlene enjoys numbers and she took that over—and with that time I am able to work on bettering our team’s plans, systems and campaigns—” “In my happy place”)


Health, fitness & energy - Imagine 1 or 2 of your irritations / tolerations gone. (For me (Larry) - my “Happy place” is following a morning and afternoon daily ritual. By not guarding daily rituals—my toleration is low energy) For a friend of ours—their “happy place” is to imagine a regular work-out routine with a work-out partner or trainer.


Imagine family & relationships - What to do some people tolerate in relationships? Manipulation. Being driven by guilt, other’s 

expectations or always saying “yes” - but for the wrong reasons. (Marlene and I guard our hearts - when it comes to manipulation - we want our home to be our kids’, grandkids’ & friends favourite place to come to - This is our “happy 




Joe asked us to “imagine our finances, our wisdom, growth & mental capacity and our spiritual life”. What would happen if we removed or delegated just 1 or 2 of our irritations and tolerations and spent more time in the “amazing” & “our happy place”




“Put the work into these changes - and the pay off will be for a life time…”




Encouraged or Discouraged? 



Have you ever noticed that when you focus on what is not working in your life, that you feel discouraged? 


When things don’t quite work out the way that I had expected them to or hoped that they would, my negative self talk can easily wreck my peace of mind. I have also found that when I focus on what is working in my life I get this feeling of encouragement. 


As an example:: I (Larry) was told by my doctor this past Spring that I was pre-diabetic. “ARE YOU KIDDING? I’m 6 ‘1” and 155 could that be? I thought diabetes was a weight thing for larger or inactive people?!” 


“No, Larry,” my doctor went on to say, “you have been blessed with it geneti- cally. It’s in your DNA. Your Dad has it.”  So ok, here we go. No pasta, no potatoes, no bread and certainly no dessert.  Even minimal fruit. My inner self talk was screaming, “POOR ME!” and this continued at every dinner over the course of the next week or so. (You need  to know that I LOVE  bread, potatoes and spaghetti.) This was not good news to me...AT ALL. 


I have a few people in my life that encouraged me to go for it and make the change. I have made the decision to eat clean and exercise more and over  the past 6 months I can’t deny that I feel healthier and I’ve even gained some muscle and have lost an inch around my waist. Feeling fit and trim! 


Here is the nugget. We all hit bumps on the road, don’t we? We can have blue days (or really bad hair days), but encouragement can help bring us out of these valleys and dips. We just don’t have to live there. 


So...who are your ‘go to’ people who continuously speak encouragement into your life? Be an encourager and you will be encouraged right back. Try it out for yourself. The gift of encouragement.  We all have it. 


I have had the same business coach for the past 23 years. Life long learning never gets dull and sometimes is a bit stretching.


On my last weeks connection, the discussion was about “Givens” in life (this is a given/that’s a given) - and so I am learning another life lesson from my real estate coach (that has nothing to do with real estate, but has

everything to do with the way I handle “me”).



Given #1) All things change. There is a beginning and there is an end.

-embrace change - don’t fear it - learn to let go


Given #2) Things don’t always go according to plan.

-my expectations will not always be met - don’t get bent out of shape

-you will not be able to figure out every “what if” in advance


Given #3) Things are not always fair.

-accept that you will win some / and lose some


Given #4) Pain is a part of life - we are not in control.

-many times we short change our self and our life -

because we want to avoid any possible pain (versus gain)


Given #5) People are not loving and loyal - all the time.

-we will hurt and we will heal  

-just remember - you are not loyal and loving all the time either


Given #6) Everything in life is in divine order.

-life is unpredictable - accept/learn/grow


Ok - there is my homework from my coach! And I will confess, I need to embrace and accept each one of these “givens” because sometimes for me - changes, expectations, fairness, pain, people, and accepting the

unpredictable...just mess me up.


How about you?





The Secret to Selling Your Abbotsford House for More

Than $55,000 Over the Asking Price in Only 6 Days!

Here’s a True Story & It Could Be Yours...


Dear Friends,


Just a quick note to let you know how we could help you or

anyone you introduce to us.


Recently our clients Lloyd & Heidi introduced us to their friends Ralph & Esther. Ralph and Esther wanted to downsize (sell their Abbotsford home) and buy a home in Chilliwack.


The first step was to offer ideas on how to prepare their home for ShowTime with our Room by Room Review & Home

Assessment Test. Ralph & Esther then used our list of ideas - of how to show off the best features of the home, what rooms to de clutter, and things to do (and not do) - to help them net the very most $ possible.


Our team prepared a Market Evaluation & decisions were made on which Marketing Model to use (our sellers have a choice of 2

Marketing Models that are successful in today's current

Abbotsford Real Estate Market).


Ralph & Esther chose the Siebert Team’s “Coming Soon /

Auction Effect” in hopes of getting the best offer possible.

Nervous Excitement - here we come!!


Did it pay off? Ooh Yea! Our marketing systems produced 20 showings in 6 days and 5 offers to choose from. We negotiated a Cash Offer / No Subjects and a Super Selling Price - more than $55,000 over the asking price.


As a bonus, we just helped Ralph & Esther purchase a newer house in Chilliwack and we were able to match the dates of their sale with their purchase. That was easy!!



Happily Ever After - Starts Here!



Your friends in the business,

The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty



PS: Who do you know that is wanting to downsize? It may be the perfect time to Fast Track housing goals and take advantage of this current market - just like Ralph & Esther did. Call the Siebert Team for a FREE Buyer or Seller Consultation



Not intended to solicit already listed properties




Marlene and I have found that a large number of our clients are taking advantage of the current market conditions and making a move now while the market is brisk.


Some clients called us after hearing about the price their neighbour or friend had sold for -  and it got them thinking about their current situation and their future real estate goals.


Example 1) 3 yrs ago we helped clients buy the house they were renting ($329,000) we just sold it for $560,500. They are moving to a Maritime province to be closer to family (purchased house and acreage for $62,000).


Example 2) “Larry, if you can get us ‘That kind of money’ for our place, I’m quitting my job and moving.” Through our marketing efforts we found a buyer (one of our past clients) and sold their home for $1,600,000. Our seller resigned from his job. He and his wife purchased a log home on 2 acres under $450,000 in the Cariboo.


Example 3) A few years ago we helped a first time buyer purchase a townhome (they wanted to buy a house, but didn’t have enough cash). As the prices rose, so did the equity position (by more than $100,000) and our client was able to purchase a house with a basement suite on a large fenced lot - perfect for their family.


Questions To Ask Yourself


1) Is now the time to review your home value and equity position?

2) Do the current market conditions alter your long term or short term real estate goals?

3) Based on these current market conditions, is it time to fast track your goals and take full advantage of this current market?


If the answer is yes to any of these questions, like it was for our 3 clients in the examples above, then why not invite us to your home - share your dreams and see if we can bring clarity - and make those dreams come true.



Dear Friends,


Just a quick note to let you know how we could help you or someone you care about that you would like to introduce to us.


Recently our client Harry introduced us to his friend (I will call her Marilyn).  Marilyn and her 4 yr old son were living in a 1 bdrm, 1 bathrm 800 sq. ft. townhome in Abbotsford and were bursting at the seams!


Since the Spring market was in full swing– and townhome activity & prices were great – Marilyn asked us to help her sell her property so she could upgrade into something a little more spacious.


We helped Marilyn prepare her home for ShowTime with our “Room by Room Review” & “Home Assessment Test”. Decisions were made on price and which Marketing Model to use (we use 2 Marketing Models to sell homes in today’s market). Marilyn chose our “Coming Soon / Auction Effect” in hopes of getting the best offer possible.


Did it pay off? OOOHH Yea!! Within the week we had 8 offers to choose from (with 2 offers from our team that Brad wrote).  Marilyn got great dates and a super selling price! SOLD!!


Then it was time for Marlene to go shopping with Marilyn. We programmed our Market Watch Computers for Marilyn’s price range / style of home / and locations (Abbotsford & Chilliwack) and within two weeks Marlene found the perfect home with 3 bedrms, 3 bathrms and a gourmet kitchen.


Marilyn and her son are super excited to move into a brand new home – with its own yard and plenty of elbow room….Happily Ever After – Starts Here!



Your friends in the business,


The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty



PS: Who do you know that is bursting at the seams. Maybe its time to Fast Track housing goals and take advantage of this current market – just like Marilyn did.  Call the Siebert Team for a FREE Buyer or Seller’s Consultation 604-859-2341



“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others. ”


Recently a client asked this question in a large gathering: “Do you have a detailed plan to ensure success, to flourish and grow your marriage? Or is there apathy?


Okay, good question, detailed plan for our marriage. Within moments my thoughts took me 25 years back-when we hired a business coach. The drill then (and to this day) was: it’s all about the vision and a plan to get there. You have probably heard it before “Fail to plan-Plan to fail”.


Marlene’s and my “plan” so many years ago was we will get married when we can comfortably afford a mortgage (I heard so many marriages having issues due to financial stress). So we dated 4.5 years, saved every penny, bought a house, got married and moved in.


Then the plan was that we wouldn’t have kids right away, lets have some fun together as a

married couple. We combined that plan with a goal of paying down the mortgage to a certain amount, where there would be no pressure with just one income, and 6 years later

Jared was born.


Over the years we came across a book and another plan called “Happy Camper Dating”. The plan was to have a specific date night after you get married. Here is how it went: I would plan the entire date night-go out to eat wherever I wanted to go, or do the stuff that I wanted to do (for example: go biking or motorcycling, or go to an action/thriller movie) and Marlene would come along as the “happy camper” and enjoy time with me, all fun, no complaining on my choices.


Then the next date night it was her turn. She would say, “Be home by 6:30pm, dress nice, we are taking the car not the truck. I’ll give you directions, get on the freeway. I made

reservations.” I had no clue where we were going. All fun! And no banter on her choices.


When Jared was living at home we would make sure we had our family supper together, 7 days a week. Chat time-TV and phones turned off-and talk about everything under the sun (besides business). Even now that Jared is married, we have continued this same supper plan.


With both of us in real estate, it was so easy to work 7 days a week. I physically burnt out a few times in the 1980s and learnt my lesson early in life ( Thou Shalt Work 6 Days, NOT 7). So we made another plan decision, to keep one day for family and faith.


We have a few more plans set in motion, and a few more to figure out. Here is our next big plan: because we are going to be grandparents soon, we are putting our heads together to try and figure out how we are going to be the BEST grandparents ever!! Happily Ever After, That’s the plan...


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene



Dear Friends,


Just a quick note to let you know how we could help you or someone you cared about. 


Recently Marlene and I were introduced to Shawn & Jessica, by

Jessica’s dad (we had worked with other family members in the past—and were considered the family realtor).


Shawn and Jessica and their family of 4 (with one on the way) were bursting at the seams in their 2 bedroom condo. They had purchased the condo years ago and could now get their equity out and buy a place that would give them room for their growing family.


On our first meeting, we discovered what was important to Shawn and Jessica about the selling and buying process, and coached them on how we could make this a smooth transition for their crew.


We offered 3 pricing options and 2 different marketing models to choose from. Decisions were made and we put our marketing plan to work. In 4 days we had 377 MLS views, 224 website viewings, 524 search views, 729 email views, 176 agent and client hits, 7 showings, and 4 offers. SOLD!


Here is our marketing strategy: More & better marketing = more realtor interest = more buyer interest = more showings = better offers and more money in the client's pocket.


Now it was Marlene's turn to “make it happen.” Let’s Go Shopping! We had Jessica’s and Shawn’s list of “Must Have’s / Wants / Likes” and with our Market Watch computers sifting and sorting through all the potential listings and Marlene digging in deep, looking for that perfect home, she was able to find Shawn and Jessica that special property that they could call home.


Marlene prepared the offer (together with our own evaluation and ideas of price) for this property, and within that day, Shawn and Jessica were home owners once again.


Congrats on your new home and new addition to your family (Baby Pete)!


Your friends in the business,


The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty



PS: Who is the next person you know with a family that is bursting at the seams and needs more space and some help & coaching to make the transition from one home to the next as easy and seamless as possible? 1) Take out your phone 2) Look up our number 604-859-2341

3) Connect us with your friends. Thanks for not keeping us a secret.




I recently read a book titled ‘Half Time’ by Bob Buford and in it was an excerpt of a speech by John Gardner...


“Meaning is not something you stumble across like an answer to a riddle or a prize in a treasure hunt.

Meaning is something you build into your life – out of your past – out of your affections, loyalties, experiences, your talents and understanding, The things you believe in and out of the people you love …

The ingredients are there. You are the only one who can put them together into that unique pattern that will be your life.”


You know, I love that idea! “The ingredients are there – I am the only one who can put them together into that unique pattern - that is my life.” Now if that doesn't get ya thinking!! So what is my unique pattern that I have woven for my life in the past 58 years (58th birthday in Jan)


I’ve got some “crazy” in my life patterns, like:   

- Driving my dad’s dump truck – on the road when I was 8 years old (and yes I got stopped by the cops)

- When I was 10 yrs old I had to give up my motorcycle - my parents found out I was doing 100 miles per hour

-  Piloting and crashing a Cessna 172 airplane

-  Racing our 800 horse power Cougar Flat bottom drag boat – and getting a little air born at 120+mph

-  Barefoot water skiing – and breaking my femur


But I have been able to be involved in some pretty good things also:

- Building a 38 Chev Coupe and driving it to grad

- Getting married to Marlene

- A father to Jared and now his wife Tianna, PLUS soon to be a PaPa

- Missions Trips to Mexico, Guatemala , Africa, Thailand , Malaysia, Cambodia, France, Portugal, & Ireland

- Sponsoring water wells in Tanzania, Ghana, and Benin

- Supporting children in Thailand

- Helping thousands of clients over the past 34 years with their move-providing a World Class Real Estate Experience and becoming their "Realtors For Life"


Ok – so that's a snapshot of my life.  Some of the things I am happy with and

others – well??  As I  look back at my first adulthood – (say the past 30 years) some of the things that were meaningful to me then, are not meaningful anymore. But here is the cool part: I  can change my idea of what is meaningful. So, let’s go back to the speech- “...out of my past – out of my affections, loyalties, experiences, my

talents and understanding, things I believe in and people I love”  -what meaningful patterns am I going to weave into my 2nd Adulthood (say the next 30 years)? Now that is an exciting thought –What a great question – and I look forward to answering that in the years to come. How about you & the patterns that you have woven? Has there been meaning?


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene



I can’t seem to turn my brain off. It just keeps going, processing and reminding me of all the things I need to get done! Ever happen to you?

Last spring Marlene and I made a decision to give our home an inside and outside facelift, but  little did we know that the reno would drag out 12 months…

Having contractor after contractor in and out of our house constantly, the things to do list     growing larger: decisions, colour changes, it’s out of stock-try back next week...OR just receiving the wrong order: Larry: “The doors I ordered that took 8 weeks to get here, are the wrong ones.” Door Guy: “Oh, our mistake. We will reorder and put a rush on it. It will be about 6 weeks for your new ones.”


According to David Allen (Productivity Guru) the mind works like this: It stores up all the things you need to do or are committed to doing, then constantly reminds you to do things at times when you cannot take action. That is where worry starts and energy is drained.


The solution: download your brain. Write down the things that need to get done. Write down things that irritate you (you need to get these things OUT of your head and on paper). Thinking about what needs doing, at inappropriate times, is the NUMBER 1 energy waster in the modern world today.


Step 1) What demands attention? Write it down

Step 2) Organize your pecking order of attack

Step 3) Take action


And when it hits the fan order yourself a café mocha valium vodka latte to go…


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene



Dear Friends,


Just a quick note to let you know how we might help you or someone you feel comfortable introducing to us.


Past clients, I’ll call them Roger and Eve, recently introduced us to Roger’s brother Don and his wife Hanna who were thinking of selling their acreage. Don’s job was in Vancouver and spending 3 hours on the road every day for the past 30+ years was—”TIRING” to  say the least!


After reviewing current market prices with Don and Hanna, they told me that if we could negotiate a price that was even “close” to the target price that we were forecasting for their home, Don was going to take early retirement and would downsize to a small acreage somewhere in “Tim Buck Two”.


We put the property for sale, and through our marketing efforts had a few offers from 2 “international investors”. BUT their offers were to say the least, difficult, and “NOT IMPRESSIVE”.


While we were dealing with these offers we kept marketing and showing the property and landed 2 more offers at the same time, creating the auction effect! In the end we were able to sell Don and Hanna's property for over the asking price and negotiated perfect dates for them.


The day the sold sign went up-I got a call from Don...I DID IT –HANDED IN MY NOTICE-I QUIT-I’M OFFICIALLY RETIRED.


Wow, early retirement and a nice healthy “Nest Egg” in the bank for the future. Way to go Don and Hanna, Marlene and I look   forward to dropping by for a visit and checking out the house you bought (a log house on 2.5 acres for under $300,000).


PS-If you have a friend considering the possibility of early retirement, give us a call. With today’s market prices, we have helped a number of clients make the dream of a early retirement a reality.


Your friends in the business,


The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty




Every so often I get stuck in neutral and start coasting along. Then over time I notice something falling off.

It could be the excitement or quality of relationships (closeness to Marlene, Jared & Tianna, and friends). It could be health-getting a little soft-or just not feeling as strong as I used to. And it could be in my joy (I really enjoy my work and do not think I will ever want to retire). But when the 12 and 16 hour days start to take their toll, joy fades away.

Then all of the sudden, I realize what is happening and I need to stop, take a deep breath and ask myself a couple of key questions:

1) Which areas of my life do I feel I am stuck in neutral?

2) What am I putting my time and life efforts into? Are they the right things that I should be investing in at this season in my life?

I’m not just talking business.

I’m talking people: marriage, kids, friendships, and the people I am coaching and mentoring.

Am I stuck in neutral when it comes to my physical, mental, spiritual life? What about finances: savings vs spending and giving to the needs all around, verses “It’s all about me?”

I’m also talking about personal energy. Sometimes it just seems that I have spent all my energy and have nothing left at the end of the day/week/month.

I can actually get stuck in neutral and just take things for granted, rather than celebrating the good things in life, and all that God has blessed me with.

So, if you are tracking with me, are there areas that you are stuck in neutral and what are you going to do about it?


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene


PS I think I just gave myself a headache just writing down all areas that need work. I’m going to choose 3 and work on fixing them first. as my Grandpa said, “Fight the good fight. Run the race. Keep the faith.”



Dear Friends,


Just a quick note to let you know how we might help you or someone you feel comfortable introducing to us.


This May, clients, I'll call them Cam & Hilda, called us to help them decide if the timing was right to sell their rental home that they had purchased five years ago. 


After viewing the property, we spent 3 hours on the market evaluation comparing their house to similar recent sales as well as the properties that were currently for sale. 


Here is the coaching we gave Cam & Hilda. 


We offer 4 marketing/pricing strategies.


1. Price it high and wait for the market to rise to the price

2. Price it equal to similar priced homes that are for sale

3. Price it equal to similar homes that have recently sold

4. Use The Auction Effect Marketing Strategy


Cam & Hilda chose The Auction Effect Marketing Strategy.


Here is what happened.


  • We marketed the property for 1 week
  • Showed the property for 3 days
  • Our marketing efforts produced 33 showings 
  • I presented Cam & Hilda with 11 offers (5 were cash/no subject)
  • I negotiated a cash offer for $107,000 over the asking price

No, not all homes using our Auction Effect Marketing Strategies receive offers like this. It depends on the price range, location and house appeal...BUT, what we know for sure is every 7-9 years in Real Estate, the market goes a bit crazy.


If you know of someone thinking of selling, or if you are considering making a move, why wait? It could be another 7-9 years before we see this kind of market again.


Congrats to Cam & Hilda!


Your friends in the business,

The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty



Do you ever notice how things just build up in your life and start to make you cranky or just uncomfortable?  It’s those little, yet persistent, distractions we try to ignore around the house, office or cars.


Sometimes we don’t notice these distractions until they are removed, and then breathe a sigh of relief and wonder why we didn’t deal with it sooner.


That’s what is happening in our life.  Marlene and I like where we live, but there were just so many little and big   tolerations that just bugged us.  So we decided to work at removing them one at a time. I chose a couple of things that bugged me, and Marlene chose a few things she felt needed help.


It started with the outside of our home.  The landscaping eye sores.  So out came the chain saw, and I cut down 38 old cedar hedges (and had lots of fun with the stumps that were left).  It was a bit of work, but we both said we should have done that years earlier.


Then it was Marlene’s turn.  She felt that our 35 year old drafty aluminum windows needed help, as well as the     exterior of our home.  So while preparing for new windows, I removed all the old vinyl siding and sledge hammered off over 1,000 bricks for an exterior face life.


My turn—the drywall in the garage being 25 years old, had so many dings and issues (the stipple on the ceiling was falling off and was so nasty I didn’t want to park my truck in the garage anymore).  So new drywall and insulation was installed.  Marlene and I then painted it.  Wow!  We should have done that years ago!


Marlene’s turn—our original 35 year old heating system needed help, so it was upgraded with a high energy efficient furnace, heat pump and a new gas fireplace.  We thought wow...we should have done that years ago!


My turn—we took out a wall between the family room and dining room to give our home a more open feelings, and while we were at it, I removed all the old doors, moldings, baseboards and window trim.  Time for a new look.  Wow...we should have done that years ago!


For a final touch, I sanded all the beams down to a natural wood so we could stain them, and as we speak, Marlene and I have just finished painting the first coat of paint in the entire inside of the house (ceilings, walls and trim), and you know what...we should have done that years ago!


I actually feel a bit tired just describing all the work we did, yet it was well worth it.  So what are the tolerations in our life?  Try this exercise.  Sit in one room of your house, look around, and make a list of everything you see that is out of place, torn, cluttered, ugly etc., then eliminate one distraction at a time with no time pressure to stress you out.  Take a week or take a month, (or like Marlene and I did, take a year).


Then notice how you feel each time you correct whatever is bugging you.       A few cans of paint can go a long way!


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene



Just a quick note to let you know how we might help you or someone you feel comfortable introducing to us.


This February we received a call from home owners, I’ll call them Carl & Kyla. They had been transferred for the 7th time in 10 years and wanted us to help them sell their East Abbotsford home with our Auction Effect Marketing Strategies. Our team had recently helped their neighbour sell their home using the same system, and they wanted the same outcome.


We set up an initial consultation to look at their home and had a great conversation about the things that were important to them about making a move. We toured their home and took pictures of each room for our Room-by-Room Review.


We left with an inventory of all the upgrades and updates and prepared for our next appointment. With 34 years of experience, selling thousands of homes, we gave Carl & Kyla the very best coaching on:


1)   Home Assessment & Evaluation

2)   Renovations That Pay

3)   Our Room-by-Room Review

4)   How to Pass a Home Inspection

5)   Price Planning Strategies

6)   Selecting the Right Commission

7)   Creating Demand Through The Auction Effect


Carl & Kyla put our Auction Effect Marketing Strategies to the test. Here are their results:


- 22 showings

- 7 offers

- $29,000+ over the asking price

- 2 offers not subject to financing

- perfect moving dates


Congrats Carl & Kyla! Now on to your job transfer and new chapter in your life.


Your friends in the business,


The Siebert Team

Re/Max Little Oak Realty



PS- You too can experience the same World Class Real Experience that Carl & Kyla received. Call The Siebert Team for a Free Seller’s Consultation at 604-859-2341.



It had been a busy month for Marlene and I, working long hours, marketing homes, and helping buyers find their next home.  On top of that, we were dealing with fall clean up at home and

getting everything winterized for the cold months ahead.


It was around 8pm and I was on my way home for supper after finishing up negotiations with an offer on one of my clients’ listings, when the fuel light in my truck caught my attention. I pulled into the Chevron station and started to “fill ‘er up” when I saw this lady, probably late 20’s, on a bicycle, rooting around in the garbage cans next to the gas pump I was using. What was she

looking for? The answer was in her hand – pop cans.


I then remembered I hadn’t made it to the recycling depot that day. (Oh how I hate that job of sorting all those sticky pop cans and bottles, but in our home it's a “BLUE” job so I get that pleasure.) I asked her if she needed more cans.  The answer was, “YES!” as she started to tell me her story – and her need.


I opened the tail gate of the truck, and pulled out a big black garbage bag full of treasures for her. You should have seen her face – it was beaming – so excited! She was so grateful and was starting to thank me, when I pulled out a second bag – just as FULL as the first one! As she started to gush out her thankfulness, I reached into the back of the truck and gave her the third and last bag – it was like Christmas had come early!


She gave me a huge smile as she started to lug the bags to a safe hiding place since she would need to make a number of bike trips to take them all to her home.


As I drove off in the truck, I realized that my dreaded blue job of sorting sticky pop cans and bottles turned into a moment of joy as I was able to make someone’s day just a bit better,
which in turn created a feel good moment for me.


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene


PS - Your next “feel good” opportunity may be disguised

as a sticky pop can, so keep your eyes and ears open!




A crow living in a forest was absolutely satisfied in life.  Then one day he saw a swan.  “The swan is so graceful and sleek,” he thought.  “He must be the happiest bird in the world.”  He flew over and told the swan about his thoughts.


“Actually,” the swan replied, “I was the happiest bird around until I saw a parrot with many colours.  Then I realized that the parrot must be the happiest bird in creation.”  The crow spotted a parrot in a tree and flew up to share the swan’s words.


The parrot said, “I thought so too, until I saw a peacock in the zoo with beautiful wings and dazzling colours.  Everyone was admiring his bright blue plumage, and I thought he must be the happiest bird in the world.”  The crow found the zoo and saw dozens of people peering at the peacock’s beautiful colours.  The crow was filled with jealousy.


From above the peacock’s cage, the crow called down, “You are so beautiful.  Every day thousands of people come to see you.  You are so lucky.”  The peacock looked up at the crow.


“Lucky?  I am stuck in this zoo where I cannot fly and people just stare at me.  You can fly wherever you please.  You must be the happiest bird in the world!”


Lessons learned.  It’s so easy to look at the people you meet and think that their lives look so awesome from the outside, or so it seems from an initial encounter or their FaceBook post, etc.  However, get a closer look at their real life, their whole life, and you just may find yourself so thankful for where you are, what you have, your friends, your upbringing, your faith, your family, your kids, your freedoms, or your health.


You have been blessed!


Your friends in the business,

Larry & Marlene 


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