Client True Stories

Seller's True Story - Downsizing

I Want To Be Able To Trust You...

Linda Driediger- It's time to move

Thanks again for being agents who our friends came to trust - and for  providing expertise they are incredibly grateful for.  I just had a hunch... 

Hi Larry and Marlene,

Just connecting as follow up to hearing that your SOLD sign is on the property.

Thank you so much for the very extensive number of hours and the remarkable expertise you provided for our friends.  You stepped in and walked with them through all the twists and turns to the  end-points of their "selling" journey - in ways that an average agent could not have done.  

You drew on your experience but also took initiative to figure out what wasn't a straight-forward path.  You  recognized the uniqueness of that situation, provided info/expertise re  decisions that needed to be made and encouraged when, to your clients,  an end point of SOLD seemed very remote.  In the end, and not surprisingly, you two got the task done - in a remarkably short period of time. 

Thanks again for being agents who our friends came to trust and for  providing expertise they are incredibly grateful for.  I just had a hunch... 

Warm regards,

m  (and d)

Ron & Mary Ellen's Story - how we beat 8 other realtors...

Keith Brackenbury- "you expect a certain amount of bs in the system...questions we should have been asking - but didn't..."

Bringing the Zacharias Family Together - how we sold 2 homes to buy an acreage..

My parents approached us about purchasing a home together 4 years ago.  We entertained the thought at the time but felt that it was not affordable and practical at the time.  It was not until doing construction on a recommended project of the Siebert’s in 2016 that we realized that we were in need of expanding our personal business and moving.  My parents were also in need of a rancher style house for health reasons and were interested in entertaining the idea once again.  


We first viewed the property (that we ended up buying) in June (and thought that we could not afford it.)  Then we decided to stage our house and get ours sold first - It sold in 11 days well over the asking price! (9 Good offers). Tired, excited, and anxious now with one step in the right direction. 


We searched together with the Siebert's for the perfect property for my parents and our family to fit comfortably.  To our surprise, nothing else compared to the property we walked through a month earlier.  So we talked to the banks and decided to put an offer in. After much negotiation and hard work on the Siebert’s part, we got an accepted offer! Crazy!  


Next, we had a painful wait until my parents tenant moved out so a quick suite renovation could occur to get my parents place on the market.  It sold in 8 days over the asking price once again!  (5 good offers even though the market was slowing down!).

Once in the new property we had several unforeseen issues that arose but the Siebert’s worked hard to remedy the issues even if it cost them in the short term!


We are so thankful for God leading the Siebert’s into our lives so that we could fulfill our current dream to expand the business and point toward our future goals!  The Siebert’s took a hugely stressful process of investment and moved us forward.  We highly recommend you choose a team - they stands behind what they do!

-The Zacharias Family

Steve & Laura Wiens - 24 hours to buy / 24 hours to sell -

Hans & Wally Kruger - "An organized team effort - done strategically, respectfully & ethically..."

Dr. Dave - do you need coaching?

"Marlene is a Skilled Negotiator - a step ahead in anticipating our needs.."

We would like to thank Marlene personally for helping us in our search for a home in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

From beginning to end, we found Marlene to be friendly, personable, knowledgeable and skilled; always available to us by phone or e-mail; never too busy to get back to us quickly to answer our simplest questions or concerns.


We quickly came to realize that we could fully trust her and rely on her for all aspects in the purchase of a home for us. She is an excellent communicator, a skilled negotiator, and was always a step ahead in anticipating our needs in the home we wished to purchase.


We are from out of province, and she willingly gave her time and effort to see that all aspects of the purchase went as planned.  We’ve got what we wanted, and we are very happy.


The Siebert Team has just delivered again a World Class Real Estate Experience – we enjoyed doing business with them!

-Edwin & Thelma Pana

Rob, Judy, Jon & Ashley Griffioen - "how to stay calm and help you think" - We had an amazing day - a grandson born and we sold a house

Vic Ratzlaff -" I think real estate guys are generally scum bags"

Rebecca Day - " we have 3 crazy boys" - " ideas on staging the house"

Gerhard & Vreny Schuster- " Not just talk - but a great team effort"

Jason & Tanya Boyd

Realtors Are Full of Hot Air!

So many times when a house does not sell, the Realtor suggests "lowering the price". 


Establishing the right asking price for a property is critical to its sale in any given market.  You did your homework in the market for properties similar to ours.  Your presentation of the facts was quick, concise, and realistic.  We agreed on a pricing strategy and we stuck to it.  You sold the townhouse in less than one month within $1,000 of full asking price.


The follow-up by every member of your team has been outstanding.  I found your team to be thorough, prompt and very professional. Your service is peerless in my experience with Realtors.

- Gary Leaman

Nick Penner "being kept in the loop ...can be a real shot in the dark"

Jim & Lorna Paulsen

Gord & Brenda Wiens

Marlene and Larry Make Dreams Happen!

When I started to think about buying a home, I did not know if it was even possible, or where to start.  I was not very hopeful due to little savings and a limited income.  I was a little embarrassed to even be looking at this possibility.  Marlene and Larry made me feel at home right away!  They looked realistically at what I wanted as well as what I could afford.  Marlene smiled, told me what she thought was the best option and promised to find a home for me that I would love.  I was skeptical.  But, Marlene came through for me, picking out the best homes and then we visited them.  Then once I picked my home, Larry was amazing with getting me the desired price that I thought wasn't possible.  I love my new home.  Not only did the experience leave me feeling like I dealt with the best - I feel like I made two friends.


Dreams are created all the time – Marlene and Larry make them happen.


Thanks guys, you are the best!

-Myrna Rempel

The Siebert Team Steered Us Clear of the Pitfalls

It became obvious to us in our first encounter with The Siebert Team that we could place our trust in their very capable hands, and we have not been disappointed.  Marlene demonstrated great patience with us as she showed us properties, and Larry guided us expertly in the purchase with many helpful hints steering us clear of potential pitfalls.  The best part we liked when working with The Siebert Team was asking for advice and receiving real answers.  We never felt pressure, and felt totally safe. 


Marlene and Larry treated us as true friends exceeding our expectations.  We express our gratitude for the valued help and professional dealing on our behalf.

-Harry & Agnes Doerksen

Dave & Jan Mosley

Wendy Murchy

Gary & Debbie Smith

They Thought of Everything!

We have known Larry & Marlene for over 15 years, so when it came time to move they were the obvious, and we believe, best choice we could make.


Outside of Real Estate, Larry & Marlene are involved in church programs where they give up their time & energies to assist other people.  That’s really cool!  They were excellent mentors to us as a couple when we were newlyweds and eventually we gleaned much advice from them as we began parenting and highly respected the way they were raising their son.  In knowing them personally, we knew they were exceptional Real Estate Agents specifically because of their personal character traits of wisdom, honesty and their excellent work ethic.


We were impressed when they spent hours researching recent sales of homes in our area, or homes similar to ours, in order to pick a price range for us.  We appreciated being offered three ranges to price our house depending on the time frame, and then we were thrilled when our house sold for asking price after only 3 showings on the first day!


Because of the quick sale of our house, we were able to make a strong offer on the home we desired and, again, Larry & Marlene thought of everything when we were signing the contract to buy our new home.  For example, our builders wanted to charge us for standard extras like garage door openers and vacuum installation, but Larry & Marlene had included that in our contract so it was not an extra charge to us.  They have been doing this for years; they have much experience and many success stories.  And they are great people!!

-Tim & Sylvia Smith

Dr. Dave's Selling Experience

Mike Hughes

The Siebert Team Made Moving A Stress Free Experience

Our friends recommended us to Larry for an accurate professional evaluation.  Larry gave us an honest assessment, plus helpful coaching tips.  We decided to let The Siebert Team take care of us.  Our moving concerns and worries were virtually eliminated.  They work hard to make moving a stress free experience.  Their integrity ensures they will work towards your best interests.

- Arnold & Ruth Klassen

Bill & Jean Neudorf

Clark Hollands

I Will Always Be Grateful to The Siebert Team!

When I was going through my divorce, I was in fear.  I didn’t know who to talk to about my needs.  There are so many Real Estate Companies I didn’t know where to begin.  A friend of mine gave me Larry & Marlene’s card.  I called them and they walked me through the process.  Going through a divorce and doing things on your own is a big step full of fear and hesitation.  Marlene walked with me and helped me step-by-step.  The moving process was smooth and all my concerns were answered.  I will always be grateful to The Siebert Team for helping me find my wonderful new home.


Matt & Debbie Born

Ron & Nell Bergmann

Thank You for the Excellent Professional Job

We would like to take a moment to thank The Siebert Team for the excellent professional job you did on our behalf.  In selling our home & buying another, we were impressed with your knowledge, expertise and professionalism.  We especially appreciated your availability and ongoing communication.


You have a great marketing program carried through with personal & individual service.  We would be please to refer you to family & friends.  In fact, our oldest son, who recently moved to Prince George, would have loved to have had you!  Thank you Larry & Marlene!   We look forward to working with you again.

- John & Joanne Dumont

Chris & Patti Ginther

Jim & Janet Blakeley

Professionalism, Honesty, & Great Communication...

Thanks Larry!


We were unsure of the process of selling our condo and a bit afraid of what kind of a selling price we would be able to receive.

You quickly calmed our fears, explaining the process and answering all of our "stupid" questions.  We were encouraged when a decent offer came in within a week of listing with you, and were very happy that we got a fair price!


Throughout the entire process, from contemplating listing our condo all the way up to the closure of the sale, we were so pleased with the level of communication from you.


We recommend The Siebert Team to anyone looking for professionalism, honesty and great communication.

- Richard & Becky Szmutko

Reed MacWilliam

Sarah Siebert

The Siebert Team "Blew Us Away"!

After trying to sell our home privately for over 2 months and spending a lot of hours showing our home, but not closing a deal, we gave Larry & Marlene a call.  We told them our bottom line on the price and what we’d be willing to accept, and we worked out an asking price.  Within 4 days, a solid offer came in and I didn’t have to spend all those extra hours keeping the home “spotless” in case another showing happened.  We could now spend our valuable time preparing for our move.  The Siebert Team “blew us away” with their services.  I knew they had called themselves “World Class” but had no clue what that meant.  I now know what it means!  Give them a call…they won’t disappoint you!  Thanks again Larry for the “World Class” experience!

- Ron & Hilda Janzen

John & Linda Driediger

Lyndon Plett

Rick Sair

We Were Treated as if We Were Their Only Client

It was refreshing to deal with Marlene & Larry.  We were treated as if we were their only clients & no concerns were greater than satisfying us.  Even though our transaction was not very large, we were served as if we were their biggest deal.

Len & Judy Rempel

Les & Lynette Lambert

To Say I was Impressed Would be a Complete Understatement

My dad passed away last year and being the executor of his estate, I needed to sell his condo in Abbotsford. Not so difficult of a task except I live in the States. Among the mail of my dad’s that was being forwarded to me was a newsletter for a realtor. Normally, that would get tossed immediately in the trash but because I knew I would need a realtor soon, I read it and was immediately impressed with the experience, knowledge, and integrity that shined through on its pages for Larry and Marlene Siebert. I contacted Larry immediately who was actually out of the country. Amazingly, he responded to me anyway and set a date to call me a few months out when I would be ready to put the property on the market. On that very date, he called me! To say I was impressed would be a complete understatement. That feeling has never left as my respect for Larry and his team grew immensely as we navigated the sale of my dad’s condo through sometimes, murky waters due to the out-of-the-country transaction.

I was equally impressed with the communication and follow-up provided by Larry and his team through phone calls, my own personal blog (which I loved), newsletters and emails. Larry always worked around my schedule with never a complaint, a grumble or a negative thought. Larry comes to the table with not only his experience of the market but a calm demeanor that does not get frazzled with the little (or big) nuances that get thrown at you during a the sale or purchase of a property. This alone, was invaluable to me since I was not able to be there….in fact, we sold my dad’s property within a couple of months, with very few wrinkles in the process and finalized the sale all with never having met each other in person.

I would recommend Larry and his team without a moment’s hesitation to anyone in the market to buy or sell a home. My only regret is that I don’t live in the area so I can use him again for my next sale/purchase.

-Marilyn (Seattle, Washington)

Peter & Hilda Wiebe

David & Melissa McVety

Selling our house was simply a pleasure

I have to say that the experience of selling our house with Larry Siebert was simply a pleasure.  He exemplified the word professional.  He came to our house and explained the process to us, making it very easy to understand, never pressured us, and respectfully guided us in our decision making process.  His market evaluation of our house was a testament to his expertise in the Real Estate field, and resulted in a listing of our house for higher than I originally thought we would.  With The Siebert Team working together to sell our house, a lot of interest was generated, and we sold our house quickly.  Having experienced working with other Agents in the past, I can highly recommend The Siebert Team with full confidence that you too will find it a rewarding experience.

-Keith and Heather Gibson

Ken Reeve

Christina & Lisa Goeller

Demonstrated a High Quality of Professionalism and Caring

Dear Larry & Marlene:


Thanks for the privilege and opportunity we had to have you as our Realtor in listing and selling Ursula’s property.  Tim and Char Bergen strongly recommended you to us as the Realtor we should choose.  We are very grateful for this recommendation and the choice we made.


In the entire process you demonstrated a high quality of professionalism and caring.  We were impressed with your knowledge of the Real Estate market and your careful attention to the seller’s wishes and needs.  Throughout the entire process you kept in touch with us keeping us informed of how things were progressing.  


When we choose a Realtor it will definitely be The Siebert Team.  Also we will highly recommend you to our friends and contacts with their Real Estate needs.


-Ike and Shirley

Mark & Trish Giesbrecht

It's Like Working With Family!

I have dealt with Marlene & Larry several times in the last eleven years and received highly professional service each time, in all aspects of the buying and selling process.  They remained cheerful and considerate throughout and handled all detours and bumps in the road as they arose.  Laura, Larry & Marlene's assistant, is a wonderful asset to their team.  It's like working with family, only better!

-Dora Bronfman

Richard & Cornelia Krahn

Greg Mainwood

Appreciated The Team Effort

I have known Larry since high school and this is the third time I have used him as my Realtor.  He, Marlene and Laura make a great team and obviously keep each other in the loop as any time I had questions, it seemed any of them were able to answer, which I really appreciated.  


I would not hesitate to use The Siebert Team again in the future and will certainly recommend them to friends and family, if the opportunity arises.


Thanks again!

- Heather

Gord Milne

Don & Marsha Johnson

You Kept Us On Track!

Thank you so much for everything you've thought of and planned for in the process of selling our house! Everything from the frantic staging to preparing for the inspection, from getting our ducks in a row to maintaining the safety of the property after we leave. We can't express how helpful these things are! 


With the intensity of this move to another province, all of your careful thinking ahead has given us a great reference point. It has kept us on track! 


Thanks for your truthfulness and transparency about our house with us and with other Realtors and prospective buyers. Thanks for both your diplomacy and directness in pushing us to change what needed to be changed before we showed the house. Thanks for leveling with us when the right offer came. We are most grateful.


We've sung your praises to our friends. And already one of our friends has recommended you to someone she knows on the basis of what we've told them.


- Ron and Sue Braid

Joel Janzen

Selling was Quick & Painless!

We'd like to thank you all for selling our house very quickly and painlessly. All your helpful hints before, during and after the sale were most appreciated.


We will definitely recommend you to anyone wishing to buy or sell a place.


Thank you.

- Tony & Helen

Yves & Vida Rabu

Shirley Elliott

Carol Heidebrecht

Ed & Anita Klassen