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Setting the Stage for Showtime - How to Pass Your Home Inspection with Our Check List.

When you receive a purchase contract on your property, one condition will likely be "subject to a satisfactory home inspection".  A home inspector will do a visual evaluation of the physical structures, systems and components of your home, which can take 3-6 hours depending on the size, condition and age of your property.


Avoid the last minute stress many sellers have with the home inspection.  Know what you are selling.  To minimize common inspection issues, take the test to determine areas of concern.


If you are not a "Do it Yourself" kind of home owner, or prefer to make your home a "Box Office Hit" with no problems at all, then consider, as many of our clients have, hiring your home inspector before marketing your home (approximate cost is $400-600).  Then you will be able to fix any issues and start the marketing process with a clean slate.


What to do next?  Take our test and see if your home needs help. Submit it and the results will be emailed to us so we can call you for coaching,  a list of home inspectors,  or people to help you with your fixes.

How to Pass Your Home Inspection

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